LIVE REVIEW: Lucy Rose @ Rescue Rooms



Touring her second album Work It Out, indie-folk singer Lucy Rose walked on stage with a newfound attitude.  Music industry’s, “Miss Nice”, Lucy Rose’s first album, Like I Used To, is made up with all the sweetness and softness you would find in a lemon meringue pie. Her voice is tender, almost fragile, yet winsome and beautiful to listen to. Written in her bedroom, the album was created mostly using an acoustic guitar.

Yet diving straight into new song Cover Up, a noticeable shift was apparent. Electronic guitar and a heavy drumbeat propelled the set into motion. This was a new Lucy Rose, a confident Lucy Rose and one that after playing with Manic Street Preachers and appearing on Ghostpoet’s mercury nominated album, Shedding Skin, seems to be sought after.


Welcoming back her support band Flyte, Rose played a bouncy version of pop hit Like An Arrow. Fiercely independent when it comes to song writing, the 26-year-old nearly never made music a career. Moving to London to study geography, it was a bump in with Bombay Bicycle Club’s frontman Jack Steadman that gave her the first taste for a bigger stage. Singing on Flaws, Rose’s harmonic voice is a perfect accompaniment to Steadman’s unique tone.

Delighting the crowd with old favourite’s Middle of the Bed and Bikes, Rose still maintains the sweet and humbling attitude of a singer that doesn’t quite believe how much she is liked. Thanking the crowd for clapping so much and sticking by her as she explores new sounds, it’s great to see an artist continually grow and experiment.


For some people Lucy Rose’s sound will always be too sweet. For me, I think whether singing alone or with another person, she captures what so many other artists are missing; a stripped backed honesty and soulful sound. This gives her voice strength even when she is singing in the quietest, softest pitch.

*Photos courtesy of Brook-Rose O’Brian


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