INTERVIEW: Ella On The Run


Breaking into the music scene last year, Stephanie Gautier aka Ella On The Run has wasted no time. Following the success of her first EP ‘War of Words’, the alt-pop artist is back recording and focusing on her new EP. Combining heavy synth beats with ethereal and haunting vocals, Ella On the Run has earned the attention from the likes of BBC Introducing and Clash Music. I caught up with the songstress to chat about LA, men in golden suits and her new track ‘Cavalry’ out on the 30thOctober…

Q: Hi Ella On The Run, your new track ‘Cavalry’ comes out at the end of this month, what else have you been up to this summer?

A: I did a lot of recording this summer and writing. I was in LA to write and record with one of my producers out there and then I came back to London to work with a new producer. So yeah I’ve been doing a lot of studio with different people and working on stuff for next year really.

Q: ‘Cavalry’ is slightly more pop like than your old EP ‘War of Words’. Will the new EP carry on in this vein?

A: No I think it will be a good mix of the two. The thing about ‘Cavalry’ is I wrote it before the last EP but never properly released it. That’s why we’ve decided to release it now because it’s a really cool song and we want to get it out there and I’ve been performing it live. The next EP is going to have the haunting vibe of the last EP but still have that pop vibe of ‘Cavalry’.

Q: When can we expect the new EP to come out?

A: At the moment we’re planning on putting it out in March and then a full album with or without the songs off the EP will probably come out towards the end of the year like September.  At the moment we’re working towards the EP- most songs have now been chosen and recorded so we’re just finishing it off.

Q: You said earlier you spent sometime in LA over the summer although you’re London based. Which do you prefer?

A: I go to LA because I studied music in the States and I have lots of friends out there and one of my good friends that I wrote my songs with so far, he’s out in LA working as a producer so we tend to meet up. I love LA and every time I’m there I think, ‘wow this is such a great place to live’, because the lifestyle is fantastic and you wake up in the morning and the sun is shining. I definitely miss that in London. But, I’m still a full on Londoner. The longest I did in LA was last year when I did a month and as much as I enjoyed it I was very, very happy to come home and be able to walk to Tesco on the corner or meet my friends in the pub for a drink. You can’t really do that in LA – you have to drive everywhere and it takes like an hour so it takes some of the spontaneity away.

Q: You’ve had a few jobs in the industry… When did you decide that singing was something you wanted to pursue and make a career of?

A: I’ve always done music, I studied music, and I guess it took me a while to figure out that I could do it myself. It’s a common thing in artists, that self doubt, I guess I needed to do different jobs to figure out why I was constantly promoting other artists when I had this urge to do it on my own, to be an artist myself. So I finally went for it and now I will never look back and have any regrets and I think that’s the most important thing. I’ve got my fans out there and my creativity and I’ll never look back and ask why I didn’t try it myself.  I think that’s what was just really holding me back because I’ve been singing all my life… I probably should have done it earlier.

Q: Your first track ‘Golden Boys’ has an epic music video. Where did the idea come from?

A: I wish I could claim it for myself but I can’t. I put out a brief and these really cool, young guys sent me their idea for ‘Golden Boys’ and I said lets do it and I let them have complete free range.  I wasn’t even there on the day of the shoot, I know I’m in the video once of twice but we shot that after and I never got to meet the Golden Boy which is my one, big regret – he’s a great dancer.

Q: Ella On The Run it’s been a pleasure; finally, let us know what the future has in store for you?

A: Once the EP comes out next year I will be going back to some quite heavy gigging – I’m in the process of booking stuff right now. The first gig planned for the new material is in February and then I’m going to book in loads of gigs from March/April and probably do an EP launch. I think till then I’m going to keep writing and recording new stuff so we have that for the next album. I’m taking a little time off gigging just to get all of that sorted but sometimes that’s good because I want to come back and give my audience new songs and fresh things to listen too.

Follow Ella On The Run on Twitter and check out her website.


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