LIVE REVIEW: Jack Garratt @ Rescue Rooms


After a storming 2014, Jack Garratt is becoming known as the 23 year old, all-playing, all-producing troubadour for electronic music.

Having climbed the ladder from BBC Introducing, Garratt’s first EP, Remnants, carved a unique groove in the electronic music scene. A mix of wobbling bass lines, moody synths, classic instrumentalism and dance-floor hooks, Garratt is not one to be pigeonholed.

Garratt’s second EP, Synesthesiac, was released on Island Records earlier this year. His hit single The Love You’re Given has been played over 1.5 million times on Spotify, and now DJ Zane Lowe is officially a fan adding him to his Future 15 for 2015 list. There seems to be only one trajectory Garratt is on, and that is up.

And all this for a guy that looks like he should be selling coffee in Shoreditch.

Walking onto stage at Rescue Rooms on Wednesday 20th May, his impressive ginger beard and edgy garms screamed hip. But the man is as gracious and humbling as your nan. Continuing to thank the crowd throughout the gig, he seemed astonished and immensely grateful that the room was even full.

Starting with Water it was clear to see that Garratt is a multi-talented artist. Plucking his guitar initially, he switched to beating a sample pad with his right hand and playing keys with his left.

Throughout the gig we heard the range of his voice from husky growl to choirboy falsetto. Unafraid of singing slow, ballad like numbers, Garratt stunned the crowd with his performance of Surprise Yourself. Singing in a Bon Iver-esque tone, I was mesmerised by the control of his voice.

Ending with The Love You’re Given, I couldn’t get the track’s ghostly sample out of my head all the walk home. From jamming to the blues and telling jokes on stage to enchanting the crowd, this wasn’t what I expected from the 23 year old. To be honest, I was expecting a rock, electronica gig, a bit pop-y and a bit emosh.

I was proved wrong and would encourage anyone to take up the opportunity to see Jack Garratt do his thing live.


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